I carry out shorter and longer assignments both in Sweden and abroad. These are usually within the public sector (primarily the education, arts and recreational sector), international development cooperation or sports/civil society. Below is a presentation of the services that I offer with a few examples in each area. In all assignments I use a process-oriented approach with a high level of participation of stakeholders and a focus on achieving results. I consider the process of implementation to be of equal importance as the end result in all assignments.

Organisational analysis, reviews and system-based audits
This means making an assessment and analysis of an organisation’s work processes and operations. It could include for instance organisational structure, financial management and control, systems for operations, monitoring and evaluation, management procedures etcetera. For all assignments, specific recommendations are provided.


To understand the results of a project or program and analyse them is an important component for further development. This can be achieved through evaluations. Each evaluation must be designed individually based on what is to be evaluated and what questions need answers. This is done in collaboration.

Examples of evaluations:

Strategic development initiatives and feasibility studies
This would include supporting an organisation from a strategic point of view, in developing and planning its work, for a certain time period. The support can consist of workshops, strategic guidance as well as providing analytical support and/or coaching.


  • Two pre-studies for public actors in Western Sweden on the competence shifts in the automotive industries. (Part 1 and Part 2 (in Swedish)).
  • Support and coaching for IPEN in developing a theory of change and expected results for its next program period.
  • Support for Forum Syd in its implementation of a results-based approach.

Process- and project management
Many organisations are in need of qualified support when initiating and/or implementing a project or program. This could consist of either taking on the project/program manager role or providing support to the project/program manager.


  • Deputy Project Manager for “Skola hemma” (“School at Home”), a collaboration between several actors to support the education sector during the Corona pandemic.
  • Process Leader for Education Sector Councils for Pre-school and Primary School competence development initiatives.
  • Project Manager for “Strengthening of Youth Leaders’ Capacities for Human Rights”, a collaboration project in Bosnia aiming to support young leaders’ skills.

Presentations, coaching and training
I am often contracted to carry out shorter and longer courses, trainings and/or coaching sessions through workshops in my areas of expertise. The content and design are always based on the client’s needs, but all activities use an active learning methodology with the aim of creating commitment and ownership for the participants.



I have access to framework agreements with public authorities and institutions operating under the Swedish Public Procurement Act (LoU).