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Assignments in Malaysia and Kenya

Autumn has passed in high speed. In addition to work “at home” with the competence supply within the emerging battery economy, I have also had the chance for exciting evaluations in Malaysia and Kenya. There are indeed so many organizations struggling under tough conditions to push for human rights around the world. These are often… Read More »

Gothenburg – leader in battery and vehicle expertise

…is the title of the new report I wrote (together with a very competent team) linked to the emerging “battery economy” that is emerging rapidly. The report is directly linked Northvolt and Volvo establishing a joint battery factory in Gothenburg. The report contains an analysis of the current situation regarding competence needs, collaboration structures and… Read More »

Evaluation of GraphoLearn

During the fall and beginning of spring, I’d the pleasure of conducting an evaluation of GraphoLearn,an international project, currently funded by Fondation Botnar. GraphoLearn is an evidence-based digital learning game that helps children to learn to read. The evaluation combined several of my previous experiences from education sector, international cooperation and digitalization. Looking forward to… Read More »

Exciting mission in Ghana

Most of my time is currently dedicated to Göteborgsregionens kompetensnav. However, from time to time, I do also have some extra time for other things. During September and October, I’ve had the chance to carry out an organizational assessment in Ghana of an NGO. The visit to Ghana was my first trip abroad since the… Read More »

Offer: Training on Facilitation of Digital Meetings and Workshops

I have a long and extensive experience from facilitation of meetings, trainings and workshops. During the pandemic I have further developed my skills on facilitation of digital meetings. For that reason, I am now offering, together with my friend and partner Patrick, a training on facilitation of Digital Meetings and Workshops. Read more here!

New interesting assignment

My spring has been incredibly busy with lots of different types of tasks. Among many things, I have been appointed Chairperson of a working group part of the Government’s innovation partnership programme for lifelong learning. The working group is about “Education for future competitiveness” and looks into how the education system can change to better… Read More »

New year and exciting challanges ahead

Year 2020 is now closed and full attention forward into 2021. A year with continued interesting assignments. Just a before, a majority of my time will be focused on The Gothenburg Region and the work with the Gothenburg Region Competence Hub. In addition, I’ll be conducting an organizational review of the Tenure Facilty and their… Read More »

Focus on Moldova and the Gothenburg Region

This strange corona autumn is very exciting for me. For many years, I have been commissioned to support the civil society in Moldova, via the Swedish Embassy with capacity building and coaching initiatives. Even if you cannot travel there at the moment, the assignments continue. On the agenda for the autumn there is coaching of… Read More »

“School at Home” wins innovation award

This spring was incredibly intensive with a lot of work. One of the reasons was that I was the Deputy Project Manager for the collaboration project “School at Home”. The project was led by RISE and funded by the Swedish National Agency for Education. It also included several other public and private organisations. The project… Read More »