About Anders

For the past 20 years I have been engaged in supporting and managing organisations to increase their capacity in  governance, management, effectiveness and efficiency to deliver results. My main focus have been in international development, the public sector and in civil society organisations.

Before engaging in consultancy work, I held senior management positions in the sectors I am currently involved in. This includes being the Director in two civil society organisations and working with strategic development in the public sector both regionally and on a municipal level.

As of August 2020, my time is shared between my various consultancy assignments and my position as the Director of the newly established Competence Hub of the Gothenburg Region. In this role, I oversee the work that provides competence development and in-service training as well as initiatives for strategic industries in the Västra Götaland region of Sweden.

Throughout my career, I have carried out more than 90 assignments in 25 different countries. These assignments have been carried out either by me alone or in teams where I have paired up with colleagues from my extensive network of collaborators.

In the section previous experiences, you will find a selection of my work with various organisations, from the past few years. Please also check out my LinkedIn page for more information regarding previous employments, board assignments as well as information about my educational credentials.